Attention Is the New Currency

With so many displays trying to capture the attention of audiences on the go, advertisers need to make sure their message has been seen. Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) provides them with this certainty.

Know and Let Others Know

Quividi’s architecture for data collection certifies viewership and demographics for network operators, agencies and advertisers. Operating in real time, it paves the way for programmatic efficiency gains.

Measure 100%, 24/7

Quividi is the only Anonymous Video Analytics technology with a 10-year track record across tens of thousands of points. We run on signage players, iOT devices, servers, with most video sensors and under most operating systems.

It all works together

VidiReports, our core software, comes with a rich SDK and integrates with most CMS. VidiStudio lets you create complete audience-aware apps. VidiCenter displays billions of data points in dashboards and APIs.

Privacy Matters

Quividi’s products have been built on Privacy by Design principles and have been certified around the globe. Quividi records no images and no personal data that could be traced back to a specific individual.

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