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January, 2009

Quividi’s Audience Reports follow OVAB’s (DP-AA’s) Guidelines

Quividi announces that its core metrics are consistent with the audience metrics guidelines proposed by OVAB (the association has been renamed DP-AA since then). With no need to upgrade their configuration, Quividi’s customers can divulge their audience data according to these guidelines which represent an acclaimed step towards harmonization of […]

Presensia and Quividi invent the first gender-aware fragrance dispenser

Presensia and Quividi announce that they have developed TargetScent, an innovative solution that makes it possible to dispense fragrances according to the gender of a potential customer. TargetScent is composed of a Scentys4 dispenser controlled by Quividi’s VidiReports. Scentys4 is a compact fragrance dispenser recently released by Presensia, which can […]