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Quividi introduces the Briefs, the data-crunching customized reports

Quividi announces it has just introduced a new powerful reporting module in its online back-office solution, VidiCenter. This module lets customers receive regular reports, called Briefs, fully tailored to their needs and capable of advanced, automated data crunching. The VidiCenter customers have enjoyed since 2008 the most complete charting module […]

Quividi to be featured in 6 tradeshows and seminars in the fall 2011

Quividi will be on demonstration at the following tradeshows Sept 9th, Advantech Solution Days (Bangkok, Thailand): Alioscopy, a leader in glass-free 3D screens will demonstrate why its screens capture more attention than standard ones. Sept 13-15th, Retail expo & conference (Melbourne, Australia): Retail Engine, with its rich experience of the […]

Sydney, Hong Kong, Orlando, London: Quividi’s June 2011 tradeshow presence

Quividi and its partners will take part to a number of tradeshows in June 2011 June 9-10th, Digital Signage World Sidney (Australia): Quividi will be featured on the AIMS Media‘s booth. June 14-16th, Retail Asia Expo (Hong Kong): shortly after, Pathcount Systems Asia will feature Quividi in a series of […]

AUA: CPM in Disguise

DPAA’s (formerly OVAB) guidelines remain as actual today as when they were released two years ago. In particular, the concept of AUA (Average Unit of Audience) remains the most comprehensive attempt to put forth a “new” currency for digital signage screens. Yet, adoption of the AUA as an indicator of […]