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May, 2014

A list of CMS integrated with the Quividi solution

(Update as of Nov 2016) Integration with a CMS is considered for 2 main objectives: “Face-Reactive Content Triggering”,  which means that a given content is played if a condition or set of conditions (demographic/engagement ) are happening. This can be extended to “Context-reactive content triggering” where non-Quividi events (e.g coming […]

VidiReports version 5.6.0: an HTML-friendly audience measurement solution

VidiReports 5.6.0, the latest release of VidiReports, Quividi’s flagship audience measurement software, now includes the ability to provide real-time audience data via the WebSocket protocol. From now on, HTML5 content management applications will be able to interface directly to VidiReports and make use of real-time information on the current audience […]

Dialogica and Quividi team up to bring innovative efficiency metrics to brands and indoor media companies

Dialogica SRL, a retail and media innovative consulting company, and Quividi SAS, the leading real-time audience measurement platform, announce today that they are further combining their strengths in order to create a new range of insightful audience and efficiency metrics, for the Retail and Digital Signage markets. Quividi (, based […]