Releases Highlights


Q4 2017 – Releases highlights

VidiReports Web control improvements: warning to change password, camera image disabled after 5 minutes, selection of ‘nthreads’ parameter from basic options page Filter watchers to exclude some demographics from the start (eg children) Add “broadsign_frameid” option to limit Broadsign integration to a particular frame (for dual-sided totems) VidiCenter Manager module Location […]

Q3 2017 – Releases Highlights

VidiReports Detection of the top 3 colors of the outfit worn by detected people. The torso is the only zone analyzed. The websocket protocol is now activated for 2 hours in the latest versions, irrespective of the license entitlement, in order to allow for demonstrations. The live information is only […]

Q2 2017 – Releases Highlights

VidiReports Update of the HTML demos Automatic HTTP proxy configuration Add csv_period parameter (minutes) to reopen CSV file periodically   VidiStudio More UI enhancements (eg sharing of layers across various states) Performance improvements (eg fade in and fade out) Head gesture recognition (preliminary) Support for VidiReports 6.4.0 pose model   […]

Q1 2017 – Releases Highlights

VidiReports Add face pose estimator, to tell in which global direction the face is being oriented with regards to the camera (note that this is not an indication of where the eyes are being directed) Support for plugins (VidiStudio external event sources) Add support for full resolution background computation Enable […]

Q4 2016 – Releases Highlights

VidiReports All data uploads now use HTTP instead of SOAP Allow simultaneous clip info connections Slightly improved performance on high resolutions Benchmark: change 1600×1200 to 1280×720, add 3Mpx and 5Mpx resolutions, display resolution. Content notification API   VidiStudio Support for the touch screen action Better interaction options for widgets New conditions […]

Q3 2016 – Releases highlights

VidiReports Updated VB sample Added Support for the newer Sony chipset-based CSI camera on the Raspberry Pi VidiStudio More VidiReports integration options (eg conditions based on glasses and mood) Support for « widgets »: full-fledged HTML applications embedded in the main application VidiCenter Dashboards You can now use the same filter multiple […]

Q2 2016 – Releases Highlights

VidiReports Upgrade capture plugins for Linux. Fix license renewal (volume expert case) Better support for Expert volume licenses (bulk) Fallback to Pro mode when Expert mode is unable to start Add “webcam_properties” configuration item for Linux Fix age threshold between young and adult Blur faces in Web interface preview Automatically […]

Q1 2016 – Releases Highlights

VidiReports Expert mode, ie the availability of new classification algorithms including Absolute age Facial features (glasses, beard, moustache) Mood (from very unhappy to very happy) Better multicore support HTML demo optimizations Performance improvements when capturing YUY2 Vidistudio Introducing state-based scenarios, which makes it possible to engage one or several specific […]