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Quividi announces the release of VidiReports 2.0
Jan 24th, 2008 - Paris
Paris Jan 24th, 2008 Quividi announces the release of VidiReports 2.0
Paris, Jan 24th, 2008 - Quividi announces the release of VidiReports 2.0

Quividi announces today that the new version of its flagship product, VidiReports 2.0, will be available on February 14. VidiReports 2.0 will continue in the tradition of consistently offering the most competitive solution for automatic audience measurement available in the marked today.

VidiReports is an audience measurement software for out-of-home communication. It is based on innovative image analysis techniques and uses an inexpensive video sensor such as a simple webcam to measure the audience in the vicinity of the medium of interest. The software analyzes the stream of images provided by the sensor to detect, track and qualify the activity of the audience; yet, VidiReports does not record any video or any personal data for a complete respect of privacy.

VidiReports has always provided network operators with an accurate count of the number of people who actively lookat the media (i.e. actual impressions) as well as their dwell time, attention time and demographics. With VidiReports 2.0, Quividi has added some exciting new features:

  • Opportunities To See (OTS). This new metric quantifies the number of potential viewers. Without additional hardware or CPU requirements and using the same camera as for impressions, VidiReports 2.0 now assesses the aggregate footfall in front the measured media and compares it to actual impressions. With OTS, Quividi’s customers can now estimate the potential viewers for their signage and measure their conversion factor, thus capturing the effectiveness of their messaging strategy.
  • New optimized algorithms ("fast scan") and new SSE/MMX routines reduce CPU load by up to 50%. This allows customers to now run VidiReports on older platforms, or run more simultaneous instances of VidiReports on a same PC.
  • An embedded web server for easy monitoring and setup. Using a simple web browser, users can securely and remotely check VidiReports' configuration, download logs and visualize live snapshots.
  • An enhanced status reporting module. Furthering the integration with VidiCenter, Quividi's online datamining application, VidiReports 2.0 now relays activity data, alarms and critical conditions for preemptive maintenance.

"When we pioneered this market in the summer of 2006, our solution stunned the out-of-home communication industry with the richness of the information it provided on the audience," says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. "With OTS, we're adding another fundamental metric in order to bring the measurability and accountability of out-of-home closer to that of established media".

VidiReports 2.0 also marks a simplification of Quividi's product line, since it includes the features once provided by VidiSpot and VidiAct. With one single software, Digital Signage operators can now perform a complete audience measurement of their screen network, but also get them to adapt their content depending on the profile and the position of the viewers.

"Since the beginning, we have provided the Digital Signage industry with a very easy and robust software, running on existing players and requiring only a standard low-cost webcam," adds Olivier Duizabo. "With VidiReports 2.0, we're consolidating the same winning strategy: keeping it simple and very cost effective".

VidiReports 2.0 will be on demonstration at Screen Expo Europe (London, February 5-6, 2008, booth C12).