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An elegant solution that can provide a very usable, consistent trading currency. Lance Clatworthy, Head of Research at Avanti ScreenMedia Quividi has customers because their technology works and they have a sensible pricing policy. Adrian J Cotterill, Digital Out of Home analyst

In 2006 Quividi introduced VidiReports, the first complete solution for automated audience measurement of out-of-home digital media. Together with VidiCenter, Quividi's backoffice solution for data consolidation and reporting, VidiReports represents the best way to measure the effectiveness of an out-of-home communication campaign.

Fine-tuned in close cooperation with established traditional audience measurement leaders, Vidireports and VidiCenter aim to be the new industry standard for out-of-home and point-of-sale signage. VidiReports offers instantaneous and continuous measurements of your audience, delivering well-known standard metrics (such as Opportunity To See OTS and impressions) as well as a set of incredibly useful new metrics such as Real-Watcher Count, Conversion Ratio and Attention Time.

"An unmeasured media is an undervalued media"

VidiReports named Innovation of the Year 2007 by the LSA Magazine Increasingly adopted by the industry, VidiReports has become the ideal way for media networks to leverage their assets and for media buyers to target their campaigns.